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Encapsulated Transformer-EI30 0.6VA-2.8VA



    VDE/CE approval

    Temperature Class: Class B (130oC)

    . Ambient Temperature (ta): (70oC)

    Vacuum Potting

    Material Flammability Classification UL94V-0

    Dielectric Strength 4200Vrms

    Operation Frequency: 50/60HZ

    Resins Class B (20,000h Testing to IEC 216)

    Conforms to EN61558/EN60950

    100% Tested Production

    EI30-5 SERIES 0.6VA

    EI30-10.5 SERIES 1.0VA

    EI30-10.5 SERIES 1.5VA

    EI30-12.5 SERIES 1.5VA

    EI30-12.5 SERIES 1.8VA

    EI30-15.5 SERIES 2.0VA

    EI30-15.5 SERIES 2.4VA

    EI30-18 SERIES 2.3VA

    EI30-18 SERIES 2.8VA