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Why Unicreed  

     -- Your Better Choice on Transformers



Many well-known MFGR/EMS/PCBA companies, like Pulsar /Poland, Flextronics /China, Data JCE /Israel, choose us for a long-term partner because they trust us.


  Quality in Mind 

From quality raw material, like case & bobbin from BASF /Germany, enameled copper wire from ELEKTRISOLA /Germany, lamination steel from NIPPON /Japan.and PU Resin from WEVO CHEMIE /Germany ), to strict QC flow: IQC, 4 times of 100% PQC, OQC. These ensure the defect rate less than 1‰, besides, we offer 3-year guaranty.


  Specialized Products  

we focus on 4 kinds of transformers only: Encapsulated. Lamination, Toroidal and High Frequency series